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Yes, I Want The Body Swing

Doug Picciano

I purchased it a year or so ago and it has allowed my 70 yr old creaky , leaky swing to stay competitive.

I go back from time to time and review his instruction and last night I watched his videos on wrist hinge , coiling and lower body turn , taking your arms out of the swing.

Today , I shot 77 from the white tees at my club and the league secretary will not let me move up to the senior tees in league competition. They think it’s because of the new Ping G 425’s I just got, it’s not - it’s because of Paul and the fundamentals of his Body Swing program.

He belongs in Golf Digest , Golf Magazine , Golf World , etc , especially for senior golfers as most of their tips are for lithe 25 yr olds.

Hoping I can get my 10.1 index back down to 7.1 - which it was to begin last year - with Paul’s help I will.

John Corry

My name is John Corry US NAVY Captain.  You are simply the very best golf teacher on the planet. Thank you Paul.

Vincent Zeller

I’m a 76 year old male and watched the driver series. My big takeaway from the series was the loose wrists. I did not realize how stiff I was swinging. Played yesterday and hit my longest drives on 4 of the longest holes on the course. I was 92 yards from the green where normally I would be hitting 6 of 7 iron.

Thank you Paul. I love the GAME again.

Tim Paeltz

Played in a scramble and plenty of my shots were used especially off the tee.  On one shorter par 5 I hit a very good drive and an excellent 4 hybrid shot that put us on the green for an eagle putt.  Left the putt on the high side but we were happy with a tap in birdie.  Still having to work on my consistency but after 2 weeks of daily Body Swing practice I am seeing improvement and starting to really enjoy golf.

Scott Isaacs

Good morning Paul. I have to tell you that I played on Saturday and kept telling myself to hit the driver 150 yards with a nice smooth easy swing. All but 3 of my drives were fantastic, those 3 that didn't do so well was a direct result of me trying to swing out of my shoes and I got what I used to get. One hole in particular was a 285 yd. par 4 that I drove the ball within 4 feet of getting on the green. I haven't had that kind of distance since the early 80's. My drives tend not to go over 200-210. I was hitting on average between 220 & 240 on Saturday. Thank you so much for introducing this swing to me. I know I have a lot more of practicing to do, but it was such a great start, I had to reach out to you. Also, the way I felt after 18, I could have played another 18 with no pain in the back.

Thanks again,

Joe Mantione

hello Paul this is joe , just wanted too let uno that I really like your lessons, it's been almost 3 years since I swung a golf club last but when I was talked into playing with my buddies from my local bar for 50cents a hole I was in.

so the night before I hit a large bucket then I noticed I wasn't hitting it that pure so I googled my problem and that's how I found you, I've been working on your lessons and oh how I've been hitting the ball so much more pure.

it's been almost two months now I've been listening to you and my game has improved a lot. it's been since 1998 I was a 3handicap golfer just wanted too let uno how much your lessons helped me to almost get too back too what I've been used too hitting the golf all, sincerely Joe

Don M

Good morning,
I purchased the PDF book and videos. I only watched a few videos but decided to read the book first.

Just after about page 50, I took what I read and practiced without a ball in the basement to the driving range. 15 balls or so, were thinned but straight. I had the wrong ball position. Moved the ball forward about 1 ball width and started to hit better but not quite sweet. After another 8 to 10 balls, I said to myself let the head move 5 to 8 inches on the takeaway. Well! Did the ball rocket. Ball after ball went dead straight, slight draw or a very slight fade, none of which would cause any issues.

Today just after reading up to page 100, I was back at the range and even recorded my swing face on. All I can say is THANK YOU! You are a GENIOUS! Very simplistic method and it works. I fully understand what you were saying and the pictures really hit the explanation home.

I could have learned this years ago if I lived near Las Vegas instead of Ottawa, Canada. At 64 and standing at 5’ 4”, I’m now hitting the ball further than people younger and taller than me.

Can’t wait till next spring when I’m able to play regular golf again. I’m sure my index of 8.2 will drop.

Thank you again.


Charles Van Sistine

Thanks Paul! Yes received my login and am enjoying getting to learn your Body Swing! After decades of frustration, I’m beginning to ENJOY the game of golf because I UNDERSTAND the components of the swing and how to do it the RIGHT way! OMG!

C. Paul Fraser

Hello Paul,

Thank you for the link to the video. If you ever consider sending more video links, I would love to see them. Paul, I wish to thank you for your thoughtful analysis of the golf swing. I see myself and almost every member of my club, with the exception of the very best players, hitting primarily with their arms. I have always heard that the best players hit with their bigger muscles or from the ground up, but I have never read or heard or seen such a clear analysis of “hitting”, rather swinging, with the body as yours.

As an athletic 68-year-old who has taken up the game again more seriously than ever before, and who has some injuries to the lumbar region of his back, I think that your method is a godsend. I have become more familiar with and greatly appreciative of Pelz’ dead hands and arms with my wedges, but I was really looking for a way to reduce the influence of my arms in my swing (because of inconsistency) and to try to use my lower body to generate power instead of my arms and my back. Your system seems to answer that quest.

I went to the range this afternoon, after modeling your positions for a couple of days, and found that I was hitting solid shots, often straight and fairly long, without trying to use my arms and by employing the idea of touching the leg and finishing with touching the head. As a first attempt, it felt like a huge success. After this afternoon, I can actually see myself playing pain-free, competent golf well into my 80s if I can master your technique.

I will keep working on your system, practicing the positions, relaxing the wrists, making a full turn, and starting the downswing with a driving back leg, and finishing completely.

Thank you, again. For older players (and for all players), your system could be life-changing. Best regards.


Thomas Palmer

Paul I did get it and thank u very much u are the most understandable golf teacher I have ever used! I am seeing results with less hip pain thanks again.

Stephen Jackson

Watched a couple of your videos last week and found they addressed my exact problem, which was swinging hard with my arms.

Teed off at the first at my local course last Sat, and to my amazement I drove the ball over 30M further than I usually do! Also right down the middle of the fairway. And with two thirds of the effort.

The majority of my other shots during the round, rarely deviated from where I was aiming.

Just wished I had watched your videos earlier.

Will be watching many more!

Joseph Ferrari

Hi Paul, I've played golf more many years, struggling along the way with varying degrees of consistency. Then I took a long break. I'm now 75 years old. I've discovered your wonderful video lessons and have tried your instructions. It works! At 75, I've never been more consist and scored as well. I've purchased this video to help pass the time as I'm going in for a heart valve replacement in a couple of weeks then resting during the healing process. Once that's over, I can't wait to enjoy golf as I never have before. Thank you so much for your help.

Tom Clayton

Paul, I absolutely love the "body swing" golf lessons you teach. This is the best golf instruction I have ever seen. I have watched all your free stuff on YouTube and other sites and have already improved tremendously.

I have seen a lot of golf instructors online over the years and I want you to know that you are absolutely the best golf coach on earth without a doubt !!!!

Thank you for all you are doing for golf !!!!

David Ni


We are your biggest fan, you have changed our golf swing forever !!

Now when we go to any golf course & driving ranges, see 95% people with arm swing , We would say “ you need to look at PW swing on YouTube “ .

I got both arms cortisone shots over 3 years ago with my old golf swing , searched on YouTube to find the solution for my golf pain , by accident looking at your lesson , OMG … “painless & body swing “ .

After following you on YouTube for 3 years , people in our club call “ David Ni silk swing no effort “, I always tell them “ I can play 36 holes without any pain “ ..

One day , I played with Pat … it was painful to look at him “ strong arm. But ball goes no where “ …

Now He is a biggest sandbagger …. he won so many champions , when a game is the online at 17,18 holes ..” he always mumbling before his swing “ PW swing , stay loose ..loose ” … the results are all credit to you Paul !!

Thank you for change our golf life !!

Looking forward meeting you one day.

Sam Pochucha

Hi Paul,
Hit balls today with your swing and no back pain, so this may work for me after all.

Bill Butler

Hey Paul, just a note of appreciation for your time and talent this week with the lessons. You have made golf fun again for me (and actually a little easier) with your practical methods.

Looking forward to taking your drills to the range and then results to the course.

I sing your praises to all who are looking for something that works.


Don Alli

Paul I watch your videos every morning at 5:00 am waiting to go to work and I have to say you have made me a believer. You have transformed me into a single digit golfer I don’t have anymore back pain and I hit the ball straight and long. If your ever in Florida email me I would like to invite out to are course.

Thanks Again

Clifford Desiderio

I wanted to thank you,  today I went to Pinion Hills, Farmington NM. I had been practicing your method in my livingroom daily and outside my house when weather permitted.  I was hitting past 250 yards and rolling past the 300 yard markers. Twice hit next to the 300 marker and my drives were straight. It was effortless and I'm 58 yrs old. Before your method I was hitting 210 yards using all arms and ending the day with backache and exhausted.

Caro Walker

Thank you. I have improved so much and so quickly with your book and tips. I finally get it! No more pain and I enjoy it again.



Tim McMahon

Just wanting to let you guys know you have made a perfect product here. Nothing has made more sense to me or made things so easy.

I have been hurting my back playing golf but this system has fixed that issue quickly.

Thank you for making such a quality product. Couldn't be happier.

Steve Aird

Just wanted you to know I had 3 people Wednesday and today tell me they liked my swing and got to share and the body swing. Hope they buy it for their sake. They could not hit the ball well at all. I'm sure you see this all the time.
I am working on lag but it has been a challenge. Have been hitting driver 260 and 7 iron about 150-55. I am satisfied for now.

Chris Sunseri

Hi Paul,

I'm sure this is an automated response, but in case it isn't I'm replying to tell you about my experience with your swing method.

First, I'm a (6) handicap golfer that has grown so tired of dealing with my swing I almost quit the game. I got so sick of hitting pulls and hooks, I announced to my buddies I will probably never play again!

I happened across one of your videos and watched with a good deal of interest.
I am the guy you speak of with the forced swing using every thing but good technique to hit a golf ball.

I'm fortunate to be a pretty good athlete so I've always been able to make it work. I decided to watch a couple of your videos then headed out to the range. I completely loosened up my wrists, hit half speed shots and only tried to hit my driver 200 yards (avg for me is around 280. I hit a couple buckets of balls and went out to play golf with my buddies.

I started the round using my old swing, thinking it was too soon to try the new swing.
I doubled the first two holes and was back into my usual pull hooks. The next hole I told the guys about your method and what they were about to see was a result of that.

Piped the first drive, hit a great iron, and parred the hole. It took a couple holes to get it down so I felt comfortable, but it worked! Completely easy swing, dead straight, just as long if not longer than normal. Shot a 40 on the front and 37 on the back. My buddies said they never saw me swing with such timing and tempo and the shots I was hitting.

I did a side by side comparison with my driver (extra stiff shaft because of animal swing technique) and my buddies regular flex shaft. Hit my driver around 285 with your swing technique, hit his driver 305 with the same swing.

I"m hooked and can't wait to play again, but not before a couple more range tips and of course, purchasing your program.

I can't thank you enough, your technique has me playing the game I fell in love with better than ever, and loving it!!!

Thanks a million,

Scott Wiele

Hi Paul,

I am a low handicapper. I have relied on my short game to score, and was an ok ball striker.

I went out today and tried touching my legs in the follow-through. Amazing. Played 18 today and first 9 hit amazing shots with bad chipping and putting, which is my game. Played the back 9 1 over with shaky putting ( my strength) but striping irons, I mean striping irons at the pin. Amazing stuff.

I have taken a bunch of lessons and your stuff is the best. My distance is not what I want, but give me fairways and let my putter get hot, and I will be under par every round. Amazing stuff and I have seen it all!

I have literally received thousands of testimonials over the years from golfers who have purchased my products.  Hopefully, you've read enough to know The Body Swing is helping golfers of all ages hit the ball longer and straighter with less effort and, of course, play pain-free .  I truly hope you join us.